lost cat Bradwell Norfolk


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lotsofcats: Welcome back, we have missed you! Jul 23, 2016 20:05:58 GMT
ebony: Welcome back gilly :D Jul 24, 2016 10:37:06 GMT
ebony: My Ebony's been scared really bad by something this morning, most of the morning she's been hissy and grumbly (she was fine before she went outside) then she came rushing back in really scared and it's taken her ages to calm down Jul 24, 2016 10:38:34 GMT
Gillykat: Awww bless (((HUGS))) How is she now? Jul 24, 2016 19:00:13 GMT
scallywag: Hows Ebony now :-* Jul 24, 2016 20:36:24 GMT
caz2golden: Been very naughty, just spent more money on the dogs! This time using their birthdays (which are next month) as an excuse to buy another mutt mat! Its got a lovely duck design :) Jul 25, 2016 10:48:25 GMT *
caz2golden: Someone power blasted with water neighbours wall to remove all the paint which is now covering mums car, my car, all across our drive and patio in back garden + up the road not happy bunny........ Jul 25, 2016 10:51:59 GMT
caz2golden: Hope all the dust does not damage the car paintwork (assuming the dust will be bits of cement). Was out when they did it :( Jul 25, 2016 10:52:49 GMT
lotsofcats: How thoughtless of someone to do that. I think they should be made to wash your cars, drive and patio. Jul 25, 2016 11:03:19 GMT
caz2golden: They are at it again tonight, think my brother had a few choice words when I went to move my car (he moved mums), dont want another layer of cement/paint dust on it. Tried to gently brush it off with a soft brush earlier, that did not work..... Jul 25, 2016 17:13:16 GMT
caz2golden: now have a white smeary mess! Hoping whatever my brother said (and I bet language was colourful) will at least get them to sweep our drive, we will see!!! The elderly neighbours opposite were trying to sweep the frontage of their place earlier including... Jul 25, 2016 17:15:01 GMT
caz2golden: road, was a little concerned the gentleman would do too much! At least mum and dad are away at the moment and the mess is not going over the new motor-home, bad enough over mums new Honda! Jul 25, 2016 17:17:52 GMT
scallywag: That's so annoying and ignorant of them, that dust may well scratch so I would be very careful brushing even washing it off, can you not hose the cars down ? Jul 25, 2016 20:17:01 GMT
ebony: Ebony calmed down, she's been out again tonight and I think one of the neighbours might be upsetting her somehow, don't know which neighbour and don't know whether it's deliberate or accidental, poor Ebony's come back in growling and grumbling again after Jul 25, 2016 20:18:46 GMT
ebony: being out in the garden. The yard she's fine with, never any problems there. Jul 25, 2016 20:19:05 GMT
caz2golden: Have you got new neighbours who perhaps have their own pets? Jul 25, 2016 20:44:28 GMT
caz2golden: They have now brushed the driveway after my brothers colourful comments! The cars will wait for my dad I think to decide whats the best way to clean them up! That is my concern , dont want to scratch anything Jul 25, 2016 20:47:17 GMT
ebony: Next door to me have a dog and I already know Ebony can't tolerate dogs Jul 26, 2016 20:00:44 GMT
ebony: Ebony's fine with shorthair cats an only cat I have seen come into the garden is a shorthair black and white (Tigger chases him/her off but Ebony just sits there with a "yeah whatever" look on her face when that cat comes into the garden) Jul 26, 2016 20:01:55 GMT
ebony: *and Jul 26, 2016 20:02:14 GMT