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scallywag: Rain rain, still stuck in the house till 4pm again today >:D another day thats dragging :-S Sept 16, 2016 6:00:07 GMT
Gillykat: You could always watch that programme I did last night on BBC3 on the iPlayer ;) (rofl) Just don't eat anything whilst you do so as it makes you feel a bit 'guilty' ::) Sept 16, 2016 7:05:01 GMT *
caz2golden: First day in ages when I was cold at work. Lovely sunny day but was stuck in shade! Shopping after work. Poor Phoebe has another hot spot :( Have cleaned it up and hoping we can avoid the vet this time! Sept 16, 2016 16:10:03 GMT
caz2golden: Ironman comp on Sunday, going to be stuck as all the places I would usually walk roads are closed. Maybe a road walk for the girls in village, they will not be impressed! Will try and get to beach tomorrow. Sept 16, 2016 16:11:26 GMT
Gillykat: It's like a feline version of Wacky Races here as Phoebe is teasing Loki and getting him to chase her.....and then turning and chasing him (rofl) Good luck to Neil getting sleep today :P Sept 17, 2016 3:32:28 GMT
caz2golden: Lovely walk at beach this morning, been lazy this afternoon! Sept 17, 2016 14:59:36 GMT
Gillykat: Just found a squished spider in the kitchen ;-| Need to get out the id chart again to show my two the difference - spiders = good: daddy-long-legs = squish 'em/chase 'em out...anything!!!...just get them away from me!!!! (rofl) Sept 17, 2016 22:39:53 GMT
boxerluver30: There was a massive spider in the kitchen the other day, was supposed to be sorting tea, that didn't exactly work out as it was crawling all over and I wouldn't go in (rofl) Sept 18, 2016 5:52:11 GMT
lotsofcats: Willow caught a daddy-long-legs the other day and chewed on him and then left his mangled corpse for me - yuck! I have seen 2 big spiders in my living room in the last week and one ran down the curtains! Sept 19, 2016 6:24:45 GMT
Gillykat: I found one in the bathroom yesterday so was able to safely liberate him back outside....with the warning that coming indoors was a Very Bad Idea with these two cats :-X (rofl) Sept 20, 2016 3:40:09 GMT *
Gillykat: Hahahaha Neil was just browsing on Ebay when Loki jumped up onto the keyboard and almost bought something!!! (rofl) Sept 20, 2016 10:04:49 GMT
Gillykat: *phew* Not TOO noisy a night :P I sneaked Loki a few Dreamies when Phoebe was locked in the kitchen ;) Sept 20, 2016 23:17:15 GMT
Gillykat: Pooooooo Loki!!!!!!!! Stinky tray!!!!! :-X :-X :-X Sept 22, 2016 3:03:44 GMT
caz2golden: I think I knackered Phoebe. She enjoyed swimming today at beach (even though there were waves) and now she is zonked out! Sept 22, 2016 11:16:53 GMT
Gillykat: Bet she really enjoyed it though! I've always wanted to go swimming with a dog :D Sept 23, 2016 4:13:24 GMT
scallywag: No internet today >:D but back up and running but... Only 3 posts today hmmmm :'( Sept 24, 2016 15:07:33 GMT
caz2golden: I have been at work but since home I have been (:)) Sept 24, 2016 16:02:01 GMT *
tonib: Must go to bed, been catching up on here & posting whilst watching the Clinton vs Trump Presidential Debate. Interesting - both forum & debate :D Sept 26, 2016 22:25:50 GMT
caz2golden: To go to work or not to go to work, that is the question? Its drizzling and overcast which normally = call in and get stood down, but it is due to improve later on + the work BBQ is today + possible canoe!.............. Sept 27, 2016 3:22:29 GMT
caz2golden: No canoe :( Did go to work, it was very quiet! Lovely afternoon wish I could have been down the beach with my two monsters. Hopefully it will be nice tomorrow so we can go then! Sept 27, 2016 15:49:59 GMT