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BorderTerrier: I know >:D The rest I am really happy with - its just the grass and I need to get on with it - closing date soon!!! Jan 20, 2015 17:56:24 GMT
beaglel1fe: You have 11 days left! Jan 20, 2015 17:57:40 GMT
BorderTerrier: Dun dun! And competing this Saturday and usual training day Sunday! Will HAVE to make time!!! If it wasn't for school I'd be done now. Jan 20, 2015 17:59:13 GMT
beaglel1fe: Oh no - Spanish homeowkr!!! Jan 20, 2015 18:41:00 GMT
BorderTerrier: For you? I do Spanish! Jan 20, 2015 18:41:51 GMT
beaglel1fe: Yeah, for me! We do French, German and Spanish - oh so many! :( Jan 20, 2015 20:42:48 GMT
BorderTerrier: Oh wow! I had the chance of continuing French alongside Spanish - although the French lessons would be after school time if I did 2 languages - so I dropped French and kept in school Spanish! I really couldn't be doing with lessons after school at all. Jan 21, 2015 16:13:02 GMT
beaglel1fe: Haha no you can't have lessons after school!!!!!!!!!!! How many people did take both do you know? Zero?! We took dropping one in Year 9 to school council but since we're a language-science-maths specialising school we can't! Jan 21, 2015 18:39:15 GMT
BorderTerrier: Nope!!!!!! (rofl) Not that many. 2 of my closest friends did though! One of those friends is very academic and enjoys languages, maths, and science, so she enjoys after school lessons. But they chose Russian like I chose Spanish - and kept both. Jan 21, 2015 19:41:59 GMT
BorderTerrier: Oh and my school is a language and science school. Jan 21, 2015 19:42:15 GMT
beaglel1fe: My friend wants to do Japanese as she's crazy-mad about Japan, but they'll let her as it's not in her family! I prefer the languages and humanities much more than the creative ones (which I'm rubbish at!). I would do food tech but my parents won't let me! Jan 22, 2015 19:15:01 GMT
beaglel1fe: I enjoy languages. I have attempted half the European ones and given up on half of them. But I can say "I live in Norway" in Norwegian fluently LOL - jeg bor i norge. Jan 22, 2015 19:17:59 GMT *
gillykat: Skin care post in cat section reported ::) Jan 27, 2015 10:54:43 GMT *
beaglel1fe: I wondered what all those skin care things were about! Jan 27, 2015 20:14:37 GMT
gillykat: Just some sad loser hassling us I guess...probably does it on a load of other sites too ::) Collieslave's response was the best from an early post (rofl) Jan 28, 2015 5:40:35 GMT
scallywag: shes back and has been reported again ;) Jan 28, 2015 11:16:05 GMT *
beaglel1fe: Crikey! Don't they have anything better to do than come on here and advertise some skin thing?! Jan 28, 2015 17:34:07 GMT
scallywag: LOL better than kitchens I guess Jan 28, 2015 20:00:10 GMT
spider: dont mention kitchens Jan 28, 2015 20:13:54 GMT
scallywag: LOL Jan 28, 2015 21:36:23 GMT