Wrong vet diagnosis?


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caz2golden: I think I might have given you something to get your teeth into :D Nov 22, 2016 16:10:53 GMT
scallywag: Hi Maxine people wont see your cry for help unless you post a thread. Profiles are not looked at by most therefore your post wont be seen in that area ;) Nov 24, 2016 2:15:33 GMT
puddycats: Pauline I have left you a message Nov 24, 2016 4:04:06 GMT
scallywag: Got it thanks and dealt with xx Nov 24, 2016 4:25:22 GMT
caz2golden: :( My poor car has decided it does not want to start :( Battery on face of it looks ok but dad is now charging it just in case it is that, but probably it is the starter motor knowing my luck! Therefore beach walk is off :( Nov 27, 2016 6:11:29 GMT
caz2golden: Done my first volunteering shift, so happy to have got it off the ground :) Wall to wall blue sky here. Nov 29, 2016 8:52:08 GMT
scallywag: bet it was cold with it its -3 here again tonight Nov 29, 2016 11:58:04 GMT
caz2golden: Was ok when I was out, slight chill to breeze and cold in shade. There was still frost on ground when I went for late afternoon with Phoebe up lane in shady areas. I have no idea if we are due for another cold night, its currently freezing here i.e 0c Nov 29, 2016 13:23:31 GMT
Gillykat: It was 8c when I went to work at 5.20am today....yes, eight degrees ABOVE freezing!!! :P Had Radio 2 on at work and they were saying it was -6 in places Doon Sooth :D Dec 1, 2016 8:03:37 GMT
scallywag: yip it was coldest night last night apparently Dec 1, 2016 8:19:26 GMT
scallywag: Hey Imogen nice to see you hope all's well ? can't believe its been nearly a year ? for you and your mum ;) Dec 1, 2016 15:07:42 GMT *
scallywag: Mind you it's been nearly a year now for my O.H good riddance to 2016 is what I say :D Dec 1, 2016 15:09:08 GMT
caz2golden: Its been a year of up's and downs here! Dec 1, 2016 15:58:22 GMT
scallywag: Of course yes, you too , sorry , can you believe that Caz2golden the 3 of us all want to put a match to 2016 actually theres 4 of us counting eh :-[ Dec 1, 2016 17:12:53 GMT *
scallywag: One min chatting away :D now you all gone and not so much as a bye or leave :'( Guess I will go and do some more illegal stuff ready for Saturday ;) (rofl) Dec 1, 2016 18:07:16 GMT *
caz2golden: I am still here!! Well only just! About to shut down and go for a few zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :D Dec 1, 2016 18:22:54 GMT
scallywag: you still ZZZZZZZZ ? Nah of course not you announced the December comp theme ;) (rofl) Dec 2, 2016 13:13:02 GMT *
caz2golden: Give me an hour or two and it will be time for more zzzzzzzzzzz, but at the moment awake! Dec 2, 2016 16:02:04 GMT
scallywag: Good you still awake ? Dec 2, 2016 16:34:41 GMT
scallywag: Take that as a no ::) Dec 2, 2016 16:45:34 GMT