Wrong vet diagnosis?


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plincoln: Thanks for further posts I have just heard back from my vet and they have spoken to the someone at the company that supply the drug and although rare they have identified this as a possible side effect of Lepto 4 - I just hope this was a one off Sept 12, 2014 13:48:38 GMT
plincoln: Sorry I posted my last message on the wrong section- please disregard it Sept 12, 2014 13:54:45 GMT
cockapoodledoo22: Hi anyone going to crufts next year? Sept 15, 2014 21:42:46 GMT
caz2golden: Probably not, bit too far to travel for a day trip and the dogs cant come with me (as they are not allowed unless they are competing) Sept 15, 2014 21:45:38 GMT
cockapoodledoo22: Im in liverpool I have been twice this is my 3rd year, i go overboard spending. although I love shopping Sept 15, 2014 21:52:05 GMT
scallywag: I'm ready >:D Sept 16, 2014 19:48:10 GMT
caz2golden: Whats the >:D for ? Sept 16, 2014 20:04:09 GMT
scallywag: Pm ;) you Sept 16, 2014 20:12:53 GMT *
alfiemummy: ? Sept 16, 2014 20:23:32 GMT
milliepup04: Also '?' Sept 16, 2014 20:34:53 GMT
scallywag: Snakes milliepup alfiemummy Sept 16, 2014 20:45:35 GMT *
alfiemummy: ohhhh haha Sept 16, 2014 20:46:32 GMT
scallywag: 4.04am where are you swoots ? Sept 18, 2014 3:04:34 GMT
charlesroast: Back if anyone is up for a chat Sept 18, 2014 12:20:34 GMT
sally: I have a code too if any first time buyer wants a discount. I will donate the £3.00 given to me to our local animal shelter. It is •VRCDX08VX - same conditions as other posters, you have to spend £20. I think it can be used 10 more times. Hope it helps. Sept 20, 2014 9:07:30 GMT
jennit53: Thank God Wainwrights have brought out cat wet food.[br][br]I took on 2 Burmese kittens who are now coming up for 2 years old. Hattie is fine but her big brother, Milo, is a bundle of allergies. He nearly died whilst being castrated and has been diagnosed with Sept 20, 2014 14:25:23 GMT
veikenspearl67: this story about cats being poisoned in calverton it doesnt just apply to cats i know its not the same its just a black labrador my dog was killed with anti freeze in bestwood country park in march this year he lived for two days and died in agony Sept 20, 2014 17:54:41 GMT
scallywag: Sorry to hear this veikenspearl67 Sept 21, 2014 6:46:56 GMT
scallywag: Seems everyone is having a lazy Sunday morning? Or am I up too early myself (rofl) been up since 6.30 had a wet tongue and a hard cone shoved in my face :D Sept 21, 2014 6:51:58 GMT
gillykat: I'm on the first day of a week off work so was still snoozing at 9am (rofl) Then the doorbell went!!!! Was our neighbour asking I we had just rang HIS doorbell! I said no, we were both fast asleep!!! Up now though so off out soon for a walk. Sept 21, 2014 9:53:42 GMT