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lotsofcats: I once read that you should leave a baby bird alone as it's mother is usual nearby but this happened in my garden years ago and the poor thing just sat there. I found it dead in the morning. I would phone a bird rescue if it's been out all night. Jun 26, 2015 8:37:42 GMT
gillykat: Oh one important thing - it's an Old Wives Tale that the parents will abandon the chick if you handle it and get human scent on it. Jun 26, 2015 9:00:01 GMT
gillykat: Shopping done - supermarket own brands for humans and best food for cats :P Worm & flea treatments from vets too *£64!!!* Don't tell Neil (rofl) (rofl) (rofl) Jun 26, 2015 13:48:43 GMT *
ebony: Lol gillykat I won't tell if you won't (rofl) Jun 26, 2015 22:13:24 GMT
ebony: Ebony saw a horse for the very first time and decided it was the scariest thing since dogs were domesticated, poor little girl's still nervous about going into the back garden in case it's out there Jun 28, 2015 19:21:37 GMT
gillykat: We found two big dark red corduroy-like cushions for £1.50 each in a charity shop yesterday....and Chilli has nicked one for her bed!!! Wot a cheek!!! (rofl) I'm sure these cats think this house belongs to them!!! :P Jun 28, 2015 19:28:56 GMT
gillykat: Awwww poor Ebony....hope she never meets a cow...she'll definitely think the outside world is one full of Giant Cat-Eating Monsters (rofl) Jun 28, 2015 19:29:49 GMT
tonib: Of course the house belongs to the cats you are only their servants :D :D Cushions sound nice though :) Jun 28, 2015 19:39:20 GMT
tonib: You certainly have some interesting visitors . Tall things with longish necks with 4 feet with metal on the bottom - what's not to be scared about! (rofl) (rofl) Poor Ebony, luckily they don't pop up all the time :) (By the way I like horses) Jun 28, 2015 19:42:45 GMT
ebony: Someone was basically taking their horse past our house when Ebony was in the garden, it was pulling an open top carriage thing <3 :) I'm starting to wonder if something (before I got her) seriously traumatised her outside because she does seem to think Jun 28, 2015 19:46:46 GMT
ebony: the outside world has *only* dangerous things even though she does enjoy sitting in the doorway to have a look outside Jun 28, 2015 19:47:21 GMT
gillykat: LOOKIE SEE in Doggy Section!!!! :D Jun 29, 2015 14:46:44 GMT
gillykat: Oh yuck.....17c outside at 5.10am :-X I'm gonna be LATHERED by the time I walk up to work!!! :-/ Jul 1, 2015 4:07:18 GMT
milliepup04: Disgustingly hot here :( Jul 1, 2015 9:36:58 GMT
gillykat: Wasn't TOO bad walking to work as there was a nice breeze but 9am finish was horrible!!! Staying in now - blinds down, windows wide open, short toilet walk only till it cools down tonight :P Jul 1, 2015 10:21:31 GMT
milliepup04: Same here! All the curtains closed, back door open and just a short walk around the pond until it cools down! Jul 1, 2015 10:36:53 GMT
gillykat: Weird - it's gone dull! Perhaps we are due one of those thunderstorms they are forecasting... Jul 1, 2015 10:59:28 GMT
gillykat: Just checked out window....it's raining big fat drops!!! And now the sun has come out again.... :-/ Jul 1, 2015 11:00:07 GMT
gillykat: Aaaaah that's better.....much cooler now :D 18c according to the thermometer :) Jul 1, 2015 18:58:36 GMT
ebony: Tigger did an Ebony this evening - she got my house and next door mixed up and decided to yowl outside next door wanting "in", bless her <3 Jul 1, 2015 20:50:51 GMT