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ebony: scallywag can you post if your IP addres sis blocked? Nov 20, 2014 12:27:15 GMT
ebony: *address is Nov 20, 2014 12:36:31 GMT
ebony: just realised I typo'd Nov 20, 2014 12:36:43 GMT
scallywag: Yes sadly you can, I done it in past there are ways and means , no I havent spamed LOL just went onto a forum 8-) Nov 20, 2014 13:46:20 GMT
scallywag: He must be bored LOL Nov 20, 2014 13:47:34 GMT
ebony: Hope he doodahs off and doesn't come back and takes his spam with him Nov 20, 2014 15:42:12 GMT
ebony: I reckon he's not bored he's trying to sell stuff idk what Nov 20, 2014 15:43:16 GMT
ebony: I've just sent a message to admin, hope they ban him soon Nov 20, 2014 15:51:20 GMT
migsy: spammer will be delighted if people are reading posts,best to just ignore until deleted. Nov 21, 2014 21:48:36 GMT
ebony: Only open them to report them Nov 21, 2014 22:37:08 GMT
ebony: don't thinkthere's a way of reporting them any other way Nov 21, 2014 22:37:49 GMT
alfiemummy: I have to open them to make them go away when I'm on the app! Nov 21, 2014 22:40:07 GMT
smilesbetter: I wish I had the app :( this keeps freezing and logging me out. Nov 22, 2014 0:15:54 GMT
scallywag: Frosty one here again this morning. 25th today too ;) blink of an eye and it will be all over, patiently waiting now for yourpet advent calendar (rofl) Nov 25, 2014 7:50:38 GMT
migsy: Ha ha! just noticed the specsavers christmas advert, brilliant! love their adverts. Nov 26, 2014 19:40:12 GMT
caz2golden: They have just advertised about the calender on facebook . Whats the advert about , I dont think I have seen it yet! Or perhaps I need to go to specsavers (rofl) Nov 26, 2014 23:19:36 GMT
migsy: ooh hope not caz.It popped up instead of Dorwest one and was Santa pulling a skip instead of sleigh through the sky. Nov 26, 2014 23:51:53 GMT
tonib: The YourCat advent calendar is advertised for starting in 5 days on their FB page, Your Dog is the same but nothing on YourPettv FB page, think they're 2 separate calendars but not a general one. Nov 27, 2014 0:16:50 GMT *
scallywag: Ooooo. Hope we get one on here, I know this is not a busy forum compared to some but we try and support it those that do come on here ..... Talking of which, have you VOTED ? Only 3 days left to do so Nov 27, 2014 6:34:47 GMT
scallywag: Pawprintclaire was going to offer something nice ? Not sure if this is still on the cards, not seen her around much lately :-S Nov 27, 2014 6:35:55 GMT *