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Username: admin Last Online: Jan 19, 2018 16:20:28 GMT
Latest Status: We're here to answer your questions and any membership queries. Hope you like it here!
Gender: Female
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Date Registered: Mar 4, 2013 9:12:32 GMT
Animals I love: All animals!
Pets I own: Between us we have dogs, cats, goldfish, stick insects, a hamster, mouse, ferrets and a bearded dragon!


Chat in real time!
caz2golden: When you walk into the bathroom and have to laugh when you see the washing line totally full of socks! (not mine) (rofl) Jan 3, 2018 19:54:59 GMT
scallywag: Whose then ? (rofl) Jan 3, 2018 22:11:26 GMT
caz2golden: They were mostly mums Jan 5, 2018 10:56:48 GMT
scallywag: LOL x Jan 5, 2018 16:55:23 GMT
chrisbd: How do I start a thread? Jan 8, 2018 11:15:25 GMT
scallywag: Go to the board you want to post on, General , Cat, Dog or other. Select the area you want to start a thread for example Dog Forum, General Dog Chat, Look to the top right and there is a tab called create thread Jan 8, 2018 16:17:27 GMT *
scallywag: click on that and there you go , give it a Title and start your post. Shout if I have not made myself very clear Jan 8, 2018 16:20:14 GMT
sandraeric: Did you use it for your pet? Jan 15, 2018 15:08:48 GMT
scallywag: use what ?? Jan 15, 2018 17:55:06 GMT
caz2golden: Have you ever.....ever felt like this......When strange things happen .....Are you going round the twist? Jan 17, 2018 11:27:07 GMT *
caz2golden: (rofl) (rofl) (rofl) (rofl) Jan 17, 2018 11:28:04 GMT
caz2golden: No idea why this came into my head, now will be stuck with it all day :) Jan 17, 2018 11:28:48 GMT
caz2golden: Cold! Jan 17, 2018 16:08:48 GMT
scallywag: LOL TOTALLY CONFUSED CAZ Jan 17, 2018 20:32:46 GMT
caz2golden: head.....brick wall! Jan 19, 2018 22:03:31 GMT
scallywag: Why ? :o Jan 21, 2018 7:44:57 GMT
lotsofcats: Watching Dancing on Ice, nice to see it back on. Jan 21, 2018 18:42:36 GMT
lotsofcats: Watching Dancing on Ice, nice to see it back on. Jan 21, 2018 18:44:33 GMT
scallywag: So you said (rofl) (rofl) Jan 21, 2018 19:48:31 GMT
caz2golden: Call the midwife is on here :) Jan 21, 2018 20:02:45 GMT